Killing Me Inside Feat Vierra – Tormented Onad

LIRIK LAGU Tormented Onad

Can you see the times grows older
She blew my dreams away
It's all done, the time is over
I don't know how to say to you

For the last time
You waste my tears now
No more torment
But don't just say you've gone away

You tell a fuckin' tale
(Swallow me and spit me out)
How do I get trought of this?
(I can't stand it anymore)

Can, you, see, me...
Smiling when I sing this song
Right, now...
I just want to be alive

You know I was dying when you told me
(That I'm not yours anymore)
You know I was dying when you told me
(You're just playing and fooling around with me)

When the time she comes and wakes me
(She comes and wakes me)
And when she bit my lips and kissed me there
And when she holds my hand and lives my life tonight
(Live tonight)
When she said that she really loves me
Were the worst fucking days