The SIGIT – Soul Sister

LIRIK LAGU Soul Sister

chilling in the street
around her midnight chase
with her high heel shoe
and her pale bold make up face
working late,making money,have some fun
she`s like a walking time bomb blues
in this sin city

dunno what to do
when she`s sitting there alone with you
dunno what she is
is she he or is she she

soul sister
feeling lonely playing hard
with hero own gun
she could run from the pigs barrier
yet still around
fell in love in your white BMW
i know you like her too
but do you know she`s so untrue

dunno what to do
`cos she`s really in love with you
dunno what to do
hide her big bollock from you?


You got me lying
on the ground
but if you find me
dont mess me round
get girls left and right
gonna sleep all day
and dream all night
get my cash get my carrier
you want my money dont get near dear
bite the fingers no i dont care
this is my sweet revenge

or may be we could go for ride
you got me tired till sun go down

if i could live in new york
if only i could live in new york

got me talking on radio
cos people going back to rock n roll
looking me and my big scar
now dont miss me i am missing somehow
get my cash get my carrier
you want my money dont get near dear
this is my sweat

or may be we get more higher
you got my head and spinning round around

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