Zain Bikha – Orphan Child

LIRIK LAGU Orphan Child

She was just standing there, little girl all alone
Barely covered head to toe, barely just twelve years old
Why is she all alone, why's the world just so cold
Why don't we play our part what has hardened our hearts?
What has hardened our hearts?

Underneath the waterfall, million dollar shopping mall
Two boys play their games, helps to keep them nice and warm
Thousand people walking by, feeding their vain desire
Don't they see, are they blind, Allah loves the orphan child
Allah loves the orphan child

Like our Beloved Muhammad, Peace be upon Him
He was an orphan and Allah sheltered him
What status is given to these children… children?

Just by the riverside, right next to that orphan child
Families come to play, they don't see that's where she stays
Looking through empty eyes, who cares that she might die
O my child, don't you cry, Allah loves you more than I
Allah Love's you more

She was standing there, barely just twelve years old
What has hardened our hearts, why's the world just so cold.

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