Kim Kematt – Brutally In Love

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LIRIK LAGU Brutally In Love

you're mean
you hide another man
you have another plan
you have crossed far from precious lane

you're damn
for living with another man
leaving me with no sign no sense no sign no sense

its a dead end to my path
and bullets through my head
its my jealous mind

like false tone in my songs
ain't wont stop me sing along
gonna keep singin' my songs
to kill the pain... yeahhh

you're mean
your lips kissing in desire
but your heart sail out somewhere
its just not right,or my jealous mind

you're damn
for sleeping with another man
leaving me with no sense no sign no sense no signs


let destiny walks
igonore what haters talks
i dont trust my mind

life is moving on
i will sing my songs
and i will sing along
to catch the rain

its sounding of people
but i hear no evil
its my jealous mind

love is hurting on
at its part which we really bond
and i will sing along
to beat the wind

Sounds :

sounds its okay
sounds its oka