Everybody Loves Irene – Pit

Download Lagu Pit mp3 hanya untuk review. Lagu dari Everybody Loves Irene ini ada di album On Second Thought I Might Wanna Change Something dengan genre pop . Koleksi mp3 Everybody Loves Irene ini tersedia dalam format preview 128 kbps. Untuk Kualitas terbaik silahkan beli lagunya lewat iTunes atau google Music.


Something wrong with me.
Can you help me please.
Its gloomy everywhere
I only sit and i stare.

I cant say anything
i cant do anything.
Something i dont know.
Shoot me like an arrow.

She said everything is just a fantasy.
But i need it to set me free.
I know it hurts but im addicted.
Should i leave u when u make me complete.

and now i'm trapped inside the box
now i'm trapped inside the box

i know it hurts but i cant