Agnes Monica – Temperature

LIRIK LAGU Temperature

Oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww… push it up
Oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww… gonna wasted up

Watching you from far without responding
your pushing on, don't you wanna ( don't you wanna )
Safe and tidy marching in your heels
You know that make me even hotter

Ain't you ladies see me like
Acting like you know me gonna
make you wonder ( ow owh )
Don't you know I felt this so
Can't ever regret no more
Ain't gonna hold it down haa... haa...

I'm good you know
Is It Hot ! Is It Me !
Want you like to come and see
Try to keep up boy

It's a Temperature...
Boy how would you like to raise fire..
It's a Temperature...
Make me steam, make me wet
Make me hot hot hot
Pust it up
Give it up some more
You can be on fire
Keep it up don't let go
down down down push it up

Hooo ooohhh
I don't know if you can take
All these hear better than me
But you can try
( I'm gonna pust it )

I can tell you whenever you ready
I can see a streling flame burning in your eyes
( I'm gonna raise it )

Boy you're the one right now
To come and put my fire out
Is It Hot ! Or Is It me !
I know you wanna come try to keep up boy
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