Rosemary – I Never


I never reach way you shouldnt have today
Cause i will be there..and i dont wanna be there
They say its great..if its glowing on your head
You wont feel nothing you know you never be nothing

Why dont you think back to take it in your head
I guess you thinking before you lose everything
Cause i will be there you know i dont wanna be there
You know i was there you dont have to be there

Hope you never ever think that way
Well i know even im not there
One moment in our life cause it wanna be this way
Dont want to hear you say
Tomorow morning while we make
The song that you want
Song time we were dare
Time will never ever coming back
Till the moment we could ask
Which way that you told
I think i'll be late.............i think i'll be late
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