Workstation – Freak


I woke up and I found

Myself lying alone

Try to shout what in mind

But nobodies around

You left me when I weak

Now you try to come back

And throw me your mistake

Stop it! You make me sick

(Live with you I just get pain; start talking just like the war begins)

I cannot take?.

(All I?ve got have been taken, don?t wanna complain but my life is breaking)


What you?ve done

Make me questioning in you

I am falling down

I?m so tired following you

Show me what you want

Tell me what you will

I see an adder inside you

There?s no more deal

Everything that you say

Bring sorrow into me

Just get out of my way

No more bothering me

I cannot take the blame

Make my head gonna blow

Don?t wanna be ashamed

Let my life straight and flow

Basically I don?t believe it?s my destiny, now I?m trying to break free

I cannot take?

I never know what you expect from me, every word I say you make it to strike me back